Does Fashion Have Anything To Do With Intellectuality???

Everywhere in fashion industry, this question is buzzing around. What is intellectuality? Anything that has the power to reason or understand the object is termed as intellectual. This term also relates to creating things in a clever manner. Fashion does need an intellectual power.
In fashion industry, you have to be so clear in what you are doing and if situation arises you have to debate for your doing. It has to be intellectual as you have to convince other artistic disciplines in favour of your work.The fashion is not a word to play with. It is much more serious than you think. It is a big responsibility.
In the same way, there is no need for the designers to say that their fashion is intellectual, their fashion should express the intellectuality in its creativity and style. The term intellectuality should not be used as a marketing material for their brand.
For creation of anything, an intellectual thought must be associated with some hard and smart work. Without the word intellectual, there won’t be any new creation. Therefore, its so clear that fashion industry has something to do with intellectuality.

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