Dashing response from one of the World’s Most Influential Hairstylist

When it comes to Fashion Week, models flood the streets, street style is a cult everyone wants to be leader of and both men and women are groomed to perfection.

We flew to London to meet Mark Hampton, Global Hair Ambassador with Toni & Guy – he’s the cheeky chappy, who at 36, is one of the most in demand hair stylists in the world and has worked with every celebrity under the sun.

Every season, he signs up to a few prestige shows during Fashion Month – this time in London, it was Vivienne Westwood, Roksanda, Ashley Williams and Sibling. We flew to London to catch some shows and chat to Mark about what really goes on behind the scenes.

How do you come up with hair concepts for the show?

How do you decide on a final look?
Was it the same with Vivienne Westwood?
How did you get involved with Toni & Guy?
What celebrities have you worked with?
Who is the nicest and who is the worst? Be honest!
Is it as crazy as it looks when you’re working backstage? There was some panic when a few models arrived in from another show?
Have you had any pinch yourself moments?
What hair trends do you predict for 2016?
We saw some very, very skinny models backstage –  do you ever think that sometimes the runway models are too thin or too young?
What might we have received from Mark Hampton? Check it out here 

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