Mode of Choosing a Fashion Vintage Jewels

If you are looking for some fashion jewellery that’s a bit different or unique then you should consider buying some fashion vintage jewellery. Vintage or modern vintage style  jewellery is very on fashion trend just now and with this kind of jewellery you are generally getting well made pieces that will ensure your outfit fashion accessories will stand out from the crowd.
The fashion world has always promoted the vintage look and a lot of reproduction vintage or vintage statement necklaces have been seen on the catwalk recently. The best places to buy real vintage jewellery is at local fairs, antique shops, or at online vintage boutiques.
When buying fashion vintage jewellery you should look out for designer vintage brands such as Trifari, Monet, Butler and Wilson or Miriam Haskell as these items will hold their value well over the years.
Other things to look out for when buying fashion vintage jewellery is condition and quality as these are very important.  Look out for chipped enamel, cracked stones, plating that is worn, or missing rhinestones.
Be careful to make sure  that the fastenings still work properly, and avoid any  items with obvious signs of soldering, as this means  that these items been repaired at some point.
 Also be careful to avoid fake designer costume jewellery. Fakes may well have been given a textured or antiqued appearance while vintage items are usually rhodium plated with a very smooth look. Check for dust around stones that may indicate age and check that the any clasp appears compatible with the age of the item.
Overall with a  bit of careful shopping and knowledge you can find some fantastic, beautiful jewellery that will often increase in value over the years.

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