Style and Attitude in Fashion

Fashion industry is moving fast, with its new trends, Variety in clothing materials and so on. And with their powerful social media exposure, naturally it induces fashion lovers to buy the new collections. 

     Buying the brand items and brand new collections is not a crime. But on the other side, it is essence to think of certain things regardless of its brand value. The comfort, your way of life etc…It quite often make me think when I saw someone wearing the latest brand new collection and it does not suits her off course she is not comfortable with it too.

I believe, it’s the attitude and self confidence one carry along with their dressing sense, which showcase them unique from others. It’s all about expressing themselves. Style is one of the personal influences which also reflect their moods.

 There is much difference between “seems elegant” and “seems stylish”. It needs a lot of confident and attitude to be stylish.

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