Paris Thin Syndrome

People consider fashion modeling as an easy business but as a model one has to undergo enormous pains, tedious times to succeed and sustain in fashion industry. Models appearing in fashion shows and magazines look thin so that the attire they wear is presented in the most attractive way. And these models are almost 5 and above inches in height. Such a thin look is not naturally possible. When you get deep into this you will be shocked. Yes, models eat tissues in order to maintain their thin structure.

Eating tissues make human look thin and they can be without eating for more than a day. And it causes some eating disorders like anorexia nervosa. Models themselves make it a routine so as to maintain their thin look and most of them even faint from food deprivation. Due to lack of proper food habit they appear in pale face.

Models follow this hard life style as there is heavy competition for a place in the modeling industry. A model from Australia stated “A model who puts on a few kilos can’t get into a sample size on a casting and gets reprimanded by her agency. She begins to diet, loses the weight, and is praised by all for how good she looks. But instead of staying at that weight and trying to maintain it through a sensible diet and exercise, she thinks losing more will make her even more desirable. And no one tells her to stop.”

Fashion Models can’t even quit this field as most of them don’t have knowledge about other fields. Usually people enter this trendy field in their early teen and they quit studies to concentrate on modeling. Some countries started introducing humanoids instead of real models and may be in few years from now on can change model’s lifestyle.

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