Denim fashion 2013

Denim is a classic fabric which can be used all over the year, but its fashion varies with seasons. Denim by Première Vision in its 4th December 2012 press release mentioned, selection of 87 premium denim exhibitors (+7% over December 2011) showed off collections, modernisms and special events in front of a flow of visitors all of whom were looking forward to exploring the future of denim for spring-summer 2013.
Most top brands have release there 2013 Autumn/ Winter denim collections. Specifically Soorty, Bossa Orta, Siwy, Raleigh Denim, Nudie, Guess, Levis Vintage, Diesel, Mavi have their trends in style. 

Blues in solid and Faded Tones:

Blues are in trend very strongly with both bright solid and faded notes: Bright, intense blues are a brilliant summer alternative to regular indigo. These brilliant colors include red-cast, purplish and green tinted aqua shades in indigo variations and sulphur blues.

Black or colored wefts also add color strength.
“Even though summer is coming, we still have jeans and denim mini skirts. Denim carries through the year.”
Base fabrics are tightly constructed and dense, used in both rigid menswear denims and lighter-weight stretch denims with sheen and surface lusture for the ladies wear. With the side of Bright notes, faded deep blue sailors blue also in the trend show case. An Indigo with some black and then heavy wash work with an oriental work wear and nautical heritage. 
And denim with much available varieties Fluoro colored Denim, Pale Vintage, colored and fancy Back, Textured Denim gives a wide selection options and try that suits. 

Denims in Lighter weight:

Lightweights continue strongly, popular for their fashion elasticity and styling latent, particularly for the women’s market. And especially for Spring Summer it is coming stronger.


Denim quotes:

“Denim has always been an everyday symbol for style.” 
“Denim is huge for fall, but it’s always huge and it always will be. It’s universally accepted by kids, teenagers, adults.”
“Denim is really expanding. It’s not just a weekend basic, it’s a fashion must.” 

Denim History:

Americans started falling in love with denim as a working material in the 18th century. It is recorded that George Washington toured a production line of denim in Massachusetts in 1798. Slaves and blue color laborers wore denim because of its durability and strength. During the 19th century, the miners of the California gold rush needed strong clothing to handle the harsh work environment so Levi–he was called Loeb at birth–Strauss developed a pair of “jeans” that started a huge fashion craze in America. 

During the same time, the railroad workers wore a similar fabric called hickory cloth that was denim with white and black contrasting threads in the denim pattern. This cloth was known to be tough as hickory wood so these workers were called “hicks.”
As like this year, denim will get its own attention coming year (2013) also. Let’s wait and see how it impacts on fashion lovers. And for one thing sure, colored denims will strikes strong.

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