As a Fashion customer’s, what will be in your mind Price or Quality?

This will always be as wonder, why most fashion customers buy so much materials with low cost even if they have money. Is buying things fast at low cost is a win-win situation?

When we are young and still figuring out our style, I understand the purpose of buying cheap clothes. But I saw this express fashion even with the older customer.

I think, here few were grown with the mentality of “How to save the money while buying, in real.” While others, for example, buying a coat, that is made of 100% wool and keeps you warm completely is quite worth, even if it cost a bit more. But here, the tendency is buying coats with blends that are relatively affordable, with nice style, but it won’t keep you as warm as 100% wool coat and they last 1 or 2 years.

So I think fashion customersneed some knowledge. And as a whole are they completely satisfied with what they have purchased?
I think most people know all this, But they are just too busy and can’t afford to take notice of it. And also most people don’t care about quality, fabrication, etc.
I found these pretty good lines on a forum, for educating fashion customers, to be surrounded by a particular mentality much harder to follow than said, ­­­­­­­
          “Convincing them that wearing a piece of
           clothing longer than a season or two is not a sin.”
          “Explaining that clothes are more than just
           what it looks like but also what it makes you feel”
           “Beg them to treat their own things with a bit more respect!”
On the other hand, if you buy any stuff for $200, you wish it to be worth for that cost, but some time it would be rip off. . I think that’s one of the things that put’s most out of buying expensive things. And it also all about the way we are brought up, it might take time to change. For some, they feel uncomfortable even to wear dresses priced more than $200 or more, as they are used with cheap dresses. The world of highly priced items is a whole different world to them.
I think it comes this way, that if you want to have a big wardrobe but you don’t have a lot off money to spend…then you will probably be ending up buying cheap clothes. But if you don’t care about having a huge wardrobe, but more about having pieces that you will cherish and look after, then you’ll end up putting money aside to buy a good quality items. It will be really hard to make mind of this choice. So, you should really be constantly remind yourself what your goal is and stick with it.
And finally, just because we have several choices, it doesn’t mean we have to take them all. We live in the age where we can buy anything at any price. And that makes all confusing! Everyone needs to know why that $80 coat is $80. We, as customers should investigate these things. Whatever we do, try to look back and see if we could have done better. And keep in mind about your last purchase… while shopping.

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