Have you ever tried? – collecting fashion as an art.

Yes, because I had come across few women who buy certain cloths, accessories…just because they are beautiful and even clearly knew they will never wore it. Those people are unique and take fashion into their everyday life.

 Have you ever bought any fashionable outfits or accessories, which you would strongly believe you will not wear them? Scarfs, winter sweaters, high heels… would be the most things which we would collect in this manner. I have the habit of wearing some dresses only within my room and looking it in mirror, but not bold enough to wear it outside.  And I know. I am not the only person. Fashion is all about trying some thing unique but that fits their natural habits. 
Pamela Love’s jewelry collections, very expensive but unique and stylish are collected by most of the people around the world. When it comes to dress, designer pieces are the top; these dresses are really a nice art of designers, each has a unique design. And people who buy it might wear them rarely. But they love to collect. 
I think there’s nothing more beautiful than having a small gallery hidden in your home displaying the most beautiful fashion accessories, dresses that you love more but dare to wear them.

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