Tattoos – a fashion statement?

I just heard that 36% of Americans between the ages 18 and 29 have tattoos. I knew they were popular and see a lot of them, but I never think it in fashion aspect. Why people do this? And do they consider it as fashion stuff.
Few thinks most of the time it is a personal decision, usually the tattoo has some emotional significance. Unless you are getting a tribal tattoo, that’s done to be trendy. Generally, it is just the cultural/social changes over the years…. we are becoming a far extra understanding and accepting of other’s lifestyle choices, including piercing and tattoo fanatics… Seriously, imagine it’s 1955 and a guy walks into a store with a face full of piercings… he’s probably not going to be able to walk out of the store without being harassed. Now in 2011 he might get some funny looks but for the most part everyone accepts it.

By “fashion statement”, I just meant do you think how your tattoo is going to look with your style, your “fashion statement”? A lot of people put tattoos in places that can be seen even with clothes on, so it isn’t just a personal thing but also “a public statement just like clothes”. When it comes to professional environment like office, do tattoos seems to be unprofessional. I know people on my friend’s office make roughly no effort to cover up the tattoos on the backs of their shoulders.
Finally, people’s tattoos obviously give some insight into their characters. Other people’s reactions to tattoos are just as instructive. Whatever it is, I go with it unless it badly impact on health and environment.

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