Louise Roe: “Moved to Los Angeles but really misses Uk Style.

Louise Roe says British women are effortlessly chic.
The stylist-turned-designer moved to Los Angeles from her native Britain and although she admires the style of celebrities there including Nicole Richie, she admitted there are days when she longs for the laid back vibe of the UK.
She said: “I think people dress in brighter colours in LA, probably because of the weather. There’s a big boho vibe over there too, like Nicole Richie, which I love. But the way Brit girls chuck on a long jumper and skinny jeans is so effortless and chic. London definitely does scruffy and grunge a lot better.”
Louise appeared in ‘The City’ alongside Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port and while she was “more excited than nervous” about the reality TV show, she admits she took extra precautions over her fashion choices on shooting days.
The ‘Plain Jane’ presenter exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “Luckily they filmed me attending fashion week and interviewing designers, which is something and do for a living and so am really comfortable being filmed doing. Yes I definitely took more time preparing my outfits! But I stuck to my own style though, I wore the same kind of look I always go for: bright, 70s, and always a high heel!”
Louise Roe is fronting the second series of ‘Plain Jane’ on 19 October MTV at 8pm. She has also designed a range of accessories for online site Stylistpick available from 17 October.

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