Do you have a perfect dressing sense?

Hi, here is a big question have you ever asked for yourself.
Elegance is in the eye of the beholder. The power of fashion is coming from trend and styles colliding together creating an ever mobile synergy. What is trendy to me could be sartorially unpleasant to you and vice-verse!
On one hand, Most would keep economy of an individual, while talking about style and fashion on you.  But for people having real sense of style will not agree with it. As we believe fashion trends and fashion sense are purely on based on their imagination, inspiration, mental stuff etc. I have come across peoples with simple dresses and cheap fashion accessories looking really elegant and stylish. I strongly believe style erases individuality
Sense of style is indeed a very personal thing. When an individual got attention and a good feel about what suits him, he will over time develop his very own personal style. He will feel good in his outfit, which will be recognized by those around him. But for those without this feel have little choice to turn to books and rules as substitute for their own sense of style. As of me books and rules will never be able to replace personal style. The fine thing those books do however is giving some direction to those who lost in the world of style and fashion. Rules will not replace inspiration nor will they create it. People who dress by the rules rather than a personal style will always be identifiable by those with sense of style
Finally, you can have a look around you and discover your fashion sensibility but your own style must be based on your own sense of elegance…
i feel common sense will get you a nice, sensible, and safe wardrobe. but as for dressing stylishly, i think it takes some practice,imagination and inspiration, and even concentration”

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