Scarves elicits some new fashion statement.

Wearing scarves has turn into a fashion tack especially among women. Today’s fashion scene has already broken through the stigma that scarves are only worn during the winter season and that it is usually worn only through formal events as well as older age groups. These days, even the males have picked up on the fashion core of wearing a scarf.

What’s even better is that nowadays it has become publicly acceptable to wear a scarf like you would wear a cap. It does not have to be really cold or breezy for you to wear your scarf around your neck. Speaking of necks, people are also not boxed with the idea of swirling their scarves around their neck. Wearing scarves have also evolved. Take a quick look on these latest trends when it comes to women’s scarves:

1. Colors – It used to be that scarves are only made with some particular colors. But these days, they are conceitedly made with a mix of differing color tones. Even patterns have seen themselves stamped on scarves. People have also been more playful when it comes to mixing them with clothes. It does not have to be that blue scarves go with blue clothes. A mismatch of colors can amazingly turn out to be an eye candy. All it takes is a pinch of creativity.

2. Materials used – It used to be that silk and chiffon are the only ones which reigned absolute when it comes to women’s scarves. But these days, scarves are also being made out of other materials such as wool, cotton, even spandex etc… You can now say that it’s different strokes for different persons too when it comes to choosing scarves.

3. Designs – Women’s scarves are not fully limited these days to the frilly or fringed edges. Scarves have also evolved to include crumpled ones-as in fully wrinkled ones. Outer edge and frills are still welcome, but some also come with a hint of feathers or fur. Some even come in complex hand-stitched or knitted designs. When it comes to overall design, scarves have become more in depth than ever.

4. Wearer’s style – In past days women’s scarves are only worn around the neck in a rounded up motion. These days too, you don’t essentially have to pair your scarf with a round neck blouse, a turtle neck, or an overcoat. You can even wear a scarf on top of a spaghetti strapped top or a sleeveless.

Wearing scarves has become more than just a need these days. Women have figured out that these clothing items are also a artistic way to elicit some new fashion statement. Depending on a woman’s style and taste, scarves can redefine the look of a modern woman.

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