Desperate Housewives episode, The Fashion Show

I’m still gloomy that Ro is gone. And so is Dominique.

Dominique spends almost all this week’s show bawling over something or another: her dress, David’s dress, the other team, losing. Someone get her a Valium, stat.

This week’s task is to design a gown for a high-society charity ball. For a housewife.
Let me just say that I have never watched any Real Housewives episode. Not one. But it takes about 10 seconds to realize they are all insane.

I mean …

Sadly, Kim Z. isn’t here. And Bethenny is skating for her life, mouth agape.

So we’re left with these girls, whoever they are. House of Emerald chooses Orange County and dresses them in coppers and golds and ALL WRONG. Jeffrey’s dress is drab and inappropriate at the same time. Peekaboo cut-outs? Really?

Our Houston boy Cesar’s look is grand — nearly to a fault. There’s too much material happening for his girl’s skinny frame. And it’s too short. And a bit ill-fitting. But it may not be entirely his fault. Cesar again plays father figure, this time to Golnessa (BEST NAME EVER), and it almost certainly cost him some of his own design.

But it doesn’t matter, because Golnessa (BEST NAME EVER) and her weird bottom and side vajayjay are gone. I’m talking about the dress, people.
Nami gets New Jersey and goes for old Hollywood glamour and sea colors and is clearly the improved of the two.

Calvin designs two dresses for Teresa, and ends up with strange draping. He’s still about the drama, but it’s not really his fault this week. Crazy housewives and dreary designers — I’d puff up, too.

David turns a TRAGIC Peter Pan-drag look — were those wings? — into simple grace, mostly thanks to his fellow designers. Eduardo is, as always, fabulous and again wins the challenge.

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