An interview with Owen Wilson.

Models talk brings you some interesting moments when shared with Owen Wilson.
Owen Wilson is a busy guy, particularly this month. Not only was he busy promoting How Do You Know, but this weekend’s release Little Fockers, too. Right after the Little Fockers press conference, Wilson bolted to promote How Do You Know and then came back to talk Fockers. All it took was a little Sports Center, a bowl of oatmeal and some fruit and Wilson was ready to go.
How was it shooting your more intimate moment with Barbara Streisand?
Owen Wilson: That is cutting straight to the chase. It was actually kind of an exciting scene. To be able to say you kissed Barbara Streisand, that’s pretty major. That’s one you can check off the to do list. But it was kind of surreal; you kiss Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman comes in.

How was it working with such a big cast? You’ve worked with so many fantastic actors at this point; is it just more of the same or can this kind of ensemble still be overwhelming? Do you ever get star struck?
I do. I remember on the first Meet the Parents having to give some speech when I’m showing everyone around my house and I turn and I see Robert De Niro and I just literally forgot all my dialogue just because you know his face, it’s so familiar from all these great roles.

Back to Little Fockers, is it hard to get the work done with a batch of comedians on a set?
Yes! [Laughs] It is hard to get the work done. It’s hard just to organize everybody. You have such a big cast and it ends up being like a reunion. You’re seeing everyone again and I’m just laughing and having a good time. Ben and I have worked together so much that anytime we’re in a scene we were always kind of laughing and stuff together.

What’s it like balancing so many strong personalities? I imagine you all have very different ways of preparing and performing.
Well, I’m pretty loose the way I prepare, although maybe I should have gone to Cirque du Soleil to prepare for some of that end stuff. I think everyone kind of knows the way their character behaves and acts, so everybody’s pretty comfortable at this point.

Speaking about that ending, how comfortable was that blue unitard?
That unitard was surprisingly comfortable. Yes, I can really recommend them. If you haven’t worn a unitrad in a movie, go out and get yourself one. They’re the new fashion item.

Did you get to keep it?
Yes, I did.

Ever wear it for fun?
Yes. [Laughs]

So, how was it doing that last scene? I think it’s safe to assume you had a stunt double for that scene, right?
Yeah. Although some of it no, but they had a wire that they green screened out that allowed me to kind of hang upside down and do some of the stuff. But it’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? How would you describe my character in this movie?

Like a misguided guidance counselor.
[Laughs] That’s good!

He has a good heart.
He’s not mean spirited at all with Ben. He doesn’t know how annoying it is for Ben. De Niro still seems to favor Kevin, but yeah, a misguided guidance counselor. How else would you describe him?

I’d say he’s an all-around good guy. He may not be giving the best advice, but there’s still something warm and lovable about him.
Yeah, that’s good. What scene did you like with Kevin? It’s interesting for me because I haven’t seen the movie.

That last scene with Barbara is pretty funny and the tattoo part, too.

If you had to get a tattoo of someone’s face on your back, who would it be?
Churchill. I like Churchill. That would be a very odd, but good tattoo to get.

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