Modest fashion dresses

Animal prints in fashion:

                                         The thought that comes to your mind when you think of the wild animals is fear, but its design in your dresses gives a fashion look. Today, it has become a new fashion trend and it reflects the feminine glamour when it is worn in a right way. Even the iphones that are introduced now has cover with giraffe and zebra prints. Animal printed designs give a personalized look and also it can be used to create awareness on the depletion of animals. 
Cozy Country:

                             Cozy country fashion dresses remember a romantic dream of having tea in a cottage in the English countryside. Charcoal dresses, ivory dresses and chunky Fair Isle knits are some among them. Wool sweaters, faux trim are some among them. When you wear these dresses, it remains that you a countryside cottage. 
Fashion party dresses:

                                     Party is a place where you meet lots of people and sometimes you meet even your favorite celebrities and the party dresses should give a gloomy and sexy look. Velvet dresses, faux fur jackets, vintage sequin tops and platform wedges are the fashion party dresses

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