Fashion trends are not a constant one.

Fashion trends changes day by day so it is not a constant one and now in the fashion formula, 80’s are out and 70’s are in.  A fashion that may be hot and stylish before would be replaced by others and that is the nature of fashion.  The current fashion news indicates that the 70s fashion are more liked by the fashion models and by the fashion designers.
Fashion fascination of 80s fades:

                                                      A time where women selected their clothes freely and saw the major transformation was in the period of 70s. The major transformation was the loose jeans became tight and inner wear got shrunken in size and bell bottom became free flowing skirts. The fashion designers were more inspired by the 70s fashion styles and trends.
The domination of fabric:
                                          Fabric clothes are always in demand and its feather layers and fur apparels always dominated. The fabric clothes have comeback in full pledge and it plays a major role in beads and sequins.
The hippy looks clothes:
                                         The 70s cloth had a hippy look and the maxi dress have been enriched with some designs by the designers so that it can suit the fashion models in the appropriate way. Women prefer short skirts now and also they are looking for an evening wear that gives the perfect 70s look.

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