The band Barefoot Truth

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For a long time, the Barefoot Truth has been up-and-coming, teetering on the edge of mainstream victory, but not anymore. The socially aware roots-rock band rolled out the red carpet Friday night with a spectacular performance at Pearl Street. With their catching songs, tight musicianship and unbelievable live show, the Barefoot Truth will be the leading band in the canon of American roots-rock before long. 

Friday night’s presentation showcased the band’s eclectic mix of folk, rock, blues and jazz. Their songs were upbeat and attractive; every vocal and instrumental line was memorable, and delivered with bounding, joyful energy. Their stage show was infused with positive vibes, and communicated a sense of togetherness with the spectators. The Barefoot Truth linked with their fans in a way that few bands are capable of.
Barefoot Truth is five members strong, featuring Will Evans on lead vocals and drums, Jay Driscoll on guitar, Andy Wrba on bass, Garret Duffy on the harmonica, and Wayno on the piano. Driscoll, Duffy, and Wayno performed in the suitable fashion – without shoes.

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