Sofia Vergara – Changing Hollywood

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Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara  is a Colombian-born actress, model, and entrepreneur.

Vergara has come a long way, from her religious Catholic background that caused her to request her nun teachers permission before performing in a Pepsi commercial to bring her parents, siblings and family some income.

This year has been a good one to Vergara, with a runaway success TV show , a potential Emmy nomination and a role in the future big-budget flick, The Smurfs. Many other popular actresses were chosen for this honor, including Jennifer Garner, Diane Lane, Eva Mendes and Amy Adams, but only Sofia was chosen by Variety for the cover. She is the only woman currently in tinseltown who began her career in Univision  and then moved to the other side of the tracks with her role in Modern Family.

“The goal for Variety is to celebrate powerful women in entertainment who have made a significant contribution. They have changed the perceptions of the business and have re-written the path to success. These women serve as encouraging high-profile inspiration to all people of different social classes.”

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