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Experience casual, free spirited expressions of creativity with Esprit’s Bohemian inspired collection. Celebrate being a true lover of world culture with Esprit’s bohemnian collection which draws attention from modern designs and non- conventional fashion forms to make every season a fashion extravaganza.

Bohemian inspired edc by Esprit is sheer, a classic bohemian signature. New cargo styles, used leather jackets with strong laced boots can be matched perfectly with flannel shirts, or colourful shorts. Crank it up a notch with oversized loop scarf, long tank top, white tops and shirts. Break the predictable fashion norms with sexy boyfriend jackets for a bolder more edgy look. What never fails to work is a entrancing tank tank top with boyfriend jeans.

The leather jacket is an all- timer. Esprit brings you the edc collection in ravishing tones of neutrals, grey shades and black accents and in teal, blue tones, red, berry tones. Trendy footwear civility of classic and vintage inspired edc shoes will do the magic. Mix and match is the key, so accessorize all you want with edc’s simple yet wildly styled leather bags, belts and scarves to complete the look.

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