Young fashions – debut in ‘Silverstars’

On Sunday night, San Antonio got a taste of a chic stew brewed by Las Vegas fashion designer and Femme Fatale Inc. owner Kizzy Young, entitled “Night of the Silver Stars.”

Fashion fiends crowded into leather-upholstered booths inside Klusoz Martini and Tapas Bar, a Northside joint with a strip-mall exterior and luxurious high-dollar interior. As the lights dimmed, Young’s designs strutted out through the crowd. 
The models were decorated out in three of Young’s lines: Ama Zonas Couture, featuring elegant cut-and-sew dresses; Thoro Bredz, capturing an urban-trendy vibe with cut-up jeans and print graphics; and her male counterpart to Bredz, Night Rider 89.
Many of the models were not the classic seven-foot-tall runway operators we’re familiar to seeing on the catwalk, but rather the kind who often have trouble finding jeans to match to their normal-human dimensions. According to Young, her models’ shapes and sizes reflect the spirit of her designs.
“I look for real women, women that can’t just go into a store and find something that makes them feel confident and sexy and ready to work it,” she said.
Her Thoro Bredz jeans are a 97:3 ratio of cotton and lycra, which she says creates an elasticity that contours to the body.
“Me being six-one, I play basketball, I weigh 225 [lbs.] — it’s hard for me to just throw on a pair of jeans, so I came up with a concept of something that embodies me,” she said.
With so many San Antonians sporting dragon-print jeans, a size-too-small Ed Hardy tees, and tiny Polo hats, this fashion show might be the first baby step toward our city looking like the big kids.

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