The evergreen top ten fashion models

To become a famous fashion model is not so easy and it requires a lot of efforts and these evergreen top ten models have put their best effort to attain these position and they used cat walk as a launch pad for their everlasting careers.


Twiggy was one of the fashion famous models ever and she attracted the world by her pageboy hair cut and black eyelashes. She acted in films and did some albums after modeling and won the best actress golden globe for the movie the boy friend. 
Heidi klum 
 Heidi klum attain the height of success when she was hosting a project runway and GQ, and Sports Illustrated cover shots made her one of the most famous fashion models ever. 
Tyra Banks:
She is also an actor and hosted two TV shows the Tyra banks show and America’s next top model. She is the first black model to appear on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, GQ, and the Victoria Secret catalog in one year.
Gisele Bundchen:
Gisele is one of the highest paid super models and even though she is not success in the industry as her other peers, she is well known for her personal life. 
Kate moss :
                    Appearing in photos snorting cocaine, dating Johnny Depp and Clients like Calvin Klein and Chanel put her top on the fashion models list. 
Lauren Hutton:
 She is today at the age of 66 and started her modeling career in the 1960’s. She is still working as an agent and books modeling jobs and she also did a part of acting on the films that made her the most popular one.
Janice Dickinson:
Janice is one of the world’s most familiar faces and she appeared on countless magazines and advertisements. She was potted when she appeared as a judge on America’s next top model. Then, she started her own show called Janice Dickinson modeling agency.
Naomi Campbell:

  Naomi Campbell is one of the successful fashion models in history and she is hot on the news by his various hot-tempered encounters with the housekeepers and the assistants. 

Christie Brinkley:
People could not forget her face and she was the top fashion model and graced over 500 magazine covers. She was consecutively spotted in the magazine cover of sports illustrated swimsuit edition for three years.
Cindy Crawford:
Cindy was one of the early models who hosted a TV show called the house of the style.  She appeared around 1000 magazine covers and she also known for hr four year marriage to Richard gere.






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