Larger models, are mostly used by New glossy magazine

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The first glossy magazine devoted to curvy women has launched in Britain – and refuses to use models smaller than a size 14. Just As Beautiful magazine is intended at women between a size 14 and 20 and will not use models who are slimmer than its target reader.
The magazine will feature articles on fashion, cooking and lifestyle – but will not include any diet tips. All the models used in the magazine’s fashion and underwear features will range from size 14-20 and the publication promises ‘no airbrushing out bits of their bodies’.
The first subject features an article on roly-poly ‘Gavin and Stacey’ actress Ruth Jones.   Editor Sue Thomason, a size 18, said: ‘If you’re a woman over size 14, you’re likely to be stuck for a little to read that doesn’t make you feel like you’re too big or ‘wrong’ because you’re not a size zero.

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