Lady Gaga draws heat for her outrageous outfit

Just when you think Lady Gaga was out of disgraceful outfits, she has come back with a fresh outfit set to court a bigger argument. The famous singer recently appeared in the Vogue Hommes Japan Vol. 5, exhausting a bikini made completely out of raw meat. The singer is well known for sporting strange outfits (both on and off-stage), but this time she has gone a bit too far.

In the supposed picture, Gaga is shown almost nude posing with her blond hair drawn back. The singing diva covers her diffidence with raw chunks of meat in the notorious photograph. Quite expectedly, the photograph has drawn the wrath of PETA, who destined the bikini and said that it was unethical to say the least.
PETA is well known for snubbing and suing celebrities who dare to sport fur coats, suede jackets in the name of fashion. Thanks to her new outfit, it seems Lady Gaga has painted a big “Bull’s Eye” on her back for PETA. The PETA president said that Lady Gaga is well known for being strange but her latest offense is downright unpardonable.

The PETA president went on evidence to say “Meat is something you want to avoid putting on or in your body.” We are sure that PETA’s rants will not stop Lady Gaga as she might give them her “Poker Face” for these remarks.

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