Top Model Aafreen Vaz , refuses princess tag

It’s hard to concentrate on looking attractive, as New Zealand‘s Next Top Model challenger Aafreen Vaz found out. Vaz was eliminated from the contest on Friday night after her photoshoot  who- failed to impress the show’s judges.

The 20-year-old student agreed with their judgment of her picture, which she said was taken under hard circumstances.
“I hated the way my eyes looked – dead and flat, no glow in them,” she told
“It was really tough. I was the last one to go up. The parrot had to deal with different skin temperatures and had to come down to mine. It gave me a good bite.”
However, Vaz didn’t consent with judge Chris Sisarich’s comment that she was “a bit of a little princess”.
“I am far from a princess. I’m not choosy about my hair. Sitting here chatting to you I’ve only brushed my hair once today – when I got up.” Vaz had a opening to prove she’s not prissy with the makeover she received in last week’s episode. She “loved” the look she was given, but this was not the case with all the contestants.

“Noticeably some of the other girls are friendly to their hair and a few of them had tantrums and were crying. I think it comes down to the fact that everyone’s different.”
It was a active week for the models, who were also given a confront to network with insiders from the fashion industry.
While Vaz enjoyed the challenge, fellow contestant Dakota Biddle’s strange approach to the task stood out.
 “I understand if someone wants to take an casual approach. But I think she took informal to an extreme. Some of the words she was using were a bit improper for VIPs,” said Vaz.
Despite this, she thinks all the remaining contestants deserved to be there.
“The girls in there are a pool that’s completely delegate of New Zealand and our mixed culture society. Everyone’s completely different.”

Vaz herself is testimony that not all models are cut from the same cloth. She is studying towards a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physiology at Otago University.

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