Red Carpet Celebreties: 10 Best Emmy Awards Moments

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1.Claire Danes, 2010 Emmy Awards
Claire Catherine Danes is an American, actress of television, stage and screen.And born April 12, 1979 . She is top recognized for her roles as Angela Chase in My So-Called Life, as Juliet in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo Juliet and as Yvaine in Stardust.

2. Lea Michele, 2010 Emmy Awards
Lea Michele, known professionally as Lea Michele, is an American actress and singer.She was born August 29, 1986. Michele began working proficiently as a child actor on Broadway in productions such as Les Misérables. She has lately received prevalent praise for her role as Rachel Berry, which has accumulated Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

3. Julie Benz, 2010 Emmy Awards
Benz was born in Pennsylvania.The family settled in close Murrysville when Benz was two, and she started ice skating when she was three. She competed in the 1988 U.S. Championships in children’s ice dancing with her equal David Schilling, future in 13th. Her older brother and sister, Jeffrey and Jennifer, were the 1987 U.S. Junior Champions in ice dancing and competed globally.

4. Carrie Preston, 2010 Emmy Awards
Carrie Preston is an American actress, born June 21, 1967 And she acts on both stage and screen. She also have produced, directed, and edited. Her husband ,Michael Emerson and brother actor John G. Preston respectively.

5. Eva Longoria Parker, 2010 Emmy Awards
The exact moment Eva Longoria became the country’s water-cooler topic can be easily pinpointed: It happened when her Desperate Housewives character, Gabrielle Solis, seduced her teen gardener in the first season.

6. Ricky Gervais, 2010 Emmy Awards
Comic Ricky Gervais found himself presenting live red carpet coverage of America’s Screen Actors Guild Awards after joking the female host was on crack.

7. Ryan Murphy, 2010 Emmy Awards
Ryan Murphy has had quite a career and according to him, his success is equal parts talent and luck. Murphy is not only the director of Eat Pray Love, but also the creator-director of Glee and is the mastermind behind the genre-busting Nip/Tuck.

8. Julia Louise Dreyfus, 2010 Emmy Awards
Julia Scarlett Elizabeth Louis-Dreyfus is an American actress ,born January 13, 1961 She is a good comedian, broadly known for her sitcom roles in Seinfeld and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

9. Amber Riley, 2010 Emmy Awards
Amber Patrice Riley is an American actress , born February 15, 1986 and also singer greatest known for her role on the series Glee as Mercedes Jones.

10. Anna Paquin, 2010 Emmy Awards
Anna Helene Paquin is a Canadian-born New Zealand actressn, born July 24, 1982. Paquin’s first gravely victorious film was The Piano, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1994. Her performing career took off roughly half a decade later on when she appeared in a string of successful films including She’s All That, Almost Famous and the X-Men franchise.

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