DNA Models

    DNA Models

Country United States
Address 520 Broadway ,11th Floor
City New York, NY
ZIP/Postal 10012
Phone 212 226 0080
Fax 212 226 2566
Email info@dnamodels.com
Website http://www.dnamodels.com
Only a handful of agency owners actually sit on the booking board daily, plugging away in the trenches for their models. David Bonnouvrier does this and this is an important factor.

Even fewer agencies have relationships that go back a decade with some of the most influential power players in the industry and again Bonnouvrier has this in spades. Add to that the ruthless drive and ambition of a booking table packed with killer agents like Marguerite Franklin, Didier Fernandez and Trudi Tapscott and what you have is a shop pulsing with raw ambition.

Decisions have been made by this agency over the past several years that have posted spectacular results. From runway to editorials to campaigns, the new generation of modeling’s most valuable players Natalia, Edita, Magdalena, Eugenia, Eva J) came flooding out of DNA.

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